Test post

A simple test post for my blog repo. I would like to start my personal blog. There are some settings I need to take care of for this blog.

  • Host on both Github pages and Netlify.
    This blog is hosted on both Github and Netlify now. The core content is identical. But their appearance might be different due to some render/generator issues.
    Also, the Last Updated time stamp at Netlify site seems to be more accurate.
  • Update basic blog settings, including the appearance, themes, some URLs etc.
    This blog is using the Adademic Theme. And a simple brief post about how I set up the theme.
  • 检验中文输入
  • Optimize the backend git repo’s structure, blogdown settings etc.

Also I need to get familiar with basic markdown syntex.

Chao Cheng
Chao Cheng

My research interests include applied statistics and machine learning.