Setup Academic Theme

In this post I recored how I set up this blog using the Hugo Academic Themes and R blogdown.

  1. blogdown::new_site()

  2. Setup Academic themes following steps at

    1. Adjust layout of the home page
    2. Update core parameters of the website at config/_default/params.toml file.
    3. Update the bibliography information located at content/authors/admin/ By default, you can update your information into the superuser admin, but you can also set up addtional user profiles.
    4. Adjust menu bar at home page, the file is config/_default/menu.toml.
  3. Learn how to add new content at, such as

    hugo new  --kind post post/my-article-name

    to create a new post. Also you can use R command blogdown::new_post() to create a new basic post, and blogdown::new_content() is a wrapper function for calling hugo.

  4. Before editting post from .Rmd file, start an Hugo server in the backgroud in R via


    This will automatically render any modified content in Rmd file after it’s been saved. If you’re using a seperate public folder for publicating the website, run


    after the modification of the posts.

Chao Cheng
Chao Cheng

My research interests include applied statistics and machine learning.